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Will this last forever?

What a week! Not that I want to complain, BUT, I'm fed up with having zero taste & smell. Yup, you read that right. #covidkilledmytastebuds. Like obliterated them with a fire-blower.

For the past five months I've been living without my favourite Chanel perfume, the drooling taste of pizza, the fresh scent of bedlinen and, most importantly, the stinky but cute waft of my pups.

So tell me, do you know anyone who is dealing with this right now? Have you any tricks up your sleeve to coax my taste buds back from the dead?

All that aside, it hasn't stopped me from writing allllll the words. More about that particular angsty romance trilogy soon! I've found the BEST LOOKING cover model for the covers. 😉

Anyway, moving swiftly on… I have another song for you from my Call Out playlist. Don't forget the cover reveal is next week. I'm so feckin' excited for you to see it.


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