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Souza Cartel

Welcome to the Souza Cartel, the deliciously dark and dangerous crime family. The four Souza brothers were born with mafia blood and raised with cartel lawlessness, but their hearts are challenged when they meet the women who will make them beat with love.


Each brother's duet can be read on their own, however, best read in series order for the full effect of the gritty, dark Souza Cartel.

Hostile Heart

Hostile Kingdom: Souza Cartel Prequel

Tomás & Carina's story 

Get a sneak peek of the first five chapters of Hostile Heir, the electrifying novel from bestselling author Autumn Archer. Get to know the characters before you dive into the full story, and meet the powerful, suave gangster Tomás Souza in all his glory.


Download the Prequel for free and start your journey today!

Hostile Heart eBook.jpg

Hostile Heir

Hostile kingdom: Souza Cartel Duet One

Tomás & Carina's story 

Once upon a time he set me free. This time it won't be that simple.


I can't stop wondering why the cartel heir with mafia blood in his cold veins saved me all those weeks ago. The virginal misfit who was kidnapped and gifted to a villainous kingpin. 


But he did. 


And I was wrong to think he was my hero. 



Hostile King

Hostile Kingdom: Souza Cartel Duet Two

Tomás & Carina's story 

He’s my monster. My king.


I agreed to his indecent proposal and now I’m caught up with the powerful Souza cartel family. After years of being a misfit, I’ve finally found myself in the newly crowned kingpin. Except our arrangement has an expiration date and his heart-wrenching secret will force us apart.


That’s if Tomás Souza refuses to give me up and chooses a war instead…


Hostile Vows

Hostile Kingdom: Souza Cartel Duet One

André & Sinéad's story 

In the criminal underworld, love is a distraction that will get you killed.


Finding out I’m a mafia princess was an unpleasant surprise because it means my coveted bloodline has sealed my fate. 


Frankie Sapori, my estranged father and savage mafioso, traded my hand in marriage to a billionaire banker in exchange for offshore accounts and more power.


At least, that was his plan, until a ghost from my tortured past turned up and won a game of poker—and me, as his bride.


André Souza is a notorious cartel wild card and I’m simply a pawn in their power games. He is not my hero––but he is my husband. 

Hostile Vows eBook.jpg

Hostile Bond

Hostile Kingdom: Souza Cartel Duet Two

André & Sinéad's story 

He's my ruthless husband. And this isn’t a fairy tale. 


After two decades my ex best friend turned up out of the blue to save me. In an unexpected twist of fate, the cartel leader forced me to marry him—and I fell in love. 


However, in the criminal underworld love is death and the feelings I have for my dangerous husband won’t matter when the secret I’ve being hiding for years finally comes out. 


I’m one impossible decision away from becoming his enemy. And the second I run from him; he’ll never forgive me.

Hostile Bond eBook.jpg

Hostile Secret

Hostile Kingdom: Souza Cartel Duet One

Giovanni & India's story 

His twin treats me like a kid sister. It would be wrong to tempt the lethal hitman tasked with protecting me, to tease his darkness…and even worse if he claimed my innocence.


After my teenage life falls apart, my brother’s best friend––a notorious Miami cartel boss, takes me under his wing. Having grown up around the drug lord means he calls me familia. 


I belong to the cartel. 


However, in his absence, he recruits his unsociable twin to watch over me, forcing us together. 


But Giovanni Souza is a lone wolf. A natural born killer. And now my babysitter.



Hostile Devil

Hostile Kingdom: Souza Cartel Duet Two

Giovanni & India's story 

He's my devil. My forever.


I’m caught up with the powerful Souza crime family and the war I unintentionally started. So when Giovanni makes me his, in more ways that one, it doesn’t take long for danger to track us down.


And when it does, everything we have together is in jeopardy.


But I'm no damsel in distress. I'm the woman who's perfect match is her villainous devil.


Hostile Devil is the final book in Giovanni and India's Souza Cartel duet by USA Today bestselling author Autumn Archer



Hostile Rival

Hostile Kingdom: Souza Cartel Duet One

Matheus & Daniela's story 

She’s an assassin. My enemy. And the only woman I want. 


Although I was born into a powerful crime family, my father refused to train me as a warlord. Rather, I’m a law graduate who’s grown immune to fast cars, pretty women, and dangerous risks.


Everything comes too easy when you’re a billionaire cartel prince. 


But since my father and his expectations died, I’ve swapped my tailored suit for a ski-mask and combat gear, swore an oath, and joined my big brother’s elite squad of hitmen. 


And that’s when I bumped into the biggest risk I’d ever take––her. 


Falling for me is her worst nightmare. But I’m going to break her down and make her body, soul, and heart all mine because nothing feels as good as the forbidden tastes.


Hostile Love

Hostile Kingdom: Souza Cartel Duet Two

Matheus & Daniela's story 

Coming June 2024!

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