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Who is Autumn?

My characters make the rules.

They take control & 
lead me on a heart-pounding journey through the darkness. 

Dominating villains weave intense plots & strong minded women unapologetically fall for the monsters inside of their men... because even a complex anti-hero deserves love. 


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Welcome to my books, a place where you can escape into a thrilling, dark and gritty world of romance and suspense. I'm Autumn, an author from N. Ireland who romances the darkness.


Whether it's a mafia family saga, an organized crime romance, a captivating steamy story, or a complex anti-hero, I'm passionate about creating stories that leave readers breathless.


Every story I write is crafted with raw emotion, compelling characters, and a heart-pounding plot. My goal is to deliver page-turning stories that will scorch your fingertips.

When I'm not plotting my next villain, I'm spending time in Belfast... or Dublin... or Donegal... or Barcelona. 


So come join me, and let's explore the depths of the darkness together!


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