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The Vow Duet

Meet the De Courcy family in Dublin, Ireland. 
Where the wealthy Irish elite blurs with the underworld of organized crime. 

Books 1 is a billionaire, enemies to lovers, anti-hero dark romantic suspense standalone. 
Book 2 is a billionaire, second chance at love romantic suspense standalone.
To best enjoy, begin with Vow of Revenge which will help you to understand the emotional journey in Vow to Protect. 

Vow of Revenge

Vow Duet Book One

I love the sound of a broken heart. Somehow it soothes my tortured soul.


Judge me, but if you’d seen the world through my eyes, you wouldn’t blame me. You’d seek justice, too.


Beautiful women shouldn’t be trusted. They think they’re in control. That I’m foolish enough to fall for their looks and manipulative tactics.


So it’s simple. I ruin them first. 


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Vow to Protect

Vow Duet Book Two 

I'm not a hero. 


I’m a De Courcy billionaire. A single dad who’s lost his way. I’ve put the never-ending parties on hold, trading drugs for bedtime stories and alcohol for girly tea parties. These days, I have sole custody of my daughter Tilly. 


Then, Raen Cartier shows up out of nowhere, claiming to be my daughter’s family and begging for my help. She’s a stunning contradiction of beauty, scarred by torture. And as much as I try, I can’t deny the stir of intrigue.


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