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This is your EXCLUSIVE preview of the teaser for my release in July (as part of the Tangled Sheets Anthology) There will be a joint cover reveal for all the participating authors on June 11, and we'll show you our individual covers. I'm beyond excited for the reveal…

I'm not giving too much away until after Call Out has released…so this your official sneak peak! You can grab FEVER, plus a heap of other books for only 0.99¢ on all platforms.



Not only is the cover finally here but the book is available for pre-order too! I'm so excited to bring you this rollercoaster romance. Danny & Viv have a special place in my heart because they both desperately want to be loved by the other... but life is messy & stumbling blocks make the journey that bit harder. Regrets and heartbreak give this story an edge of suspense... and of course makes the happily ever after worth it! Enjoy x


Releasing May 20, 2021 Autumn Archer's Call Out is an emotionally charged, sexy, romantic suspense written in K. Bromberg's Everyday Heroes World project. Moving to a new town was never going to be easy--especially with an unforgivable secret weighing me down. I moved to Sunnyville for a new career, a fresh start and the possibility of happiness. A chance to leave my demons behind. Instead, I'm forging a relationship with an innocent younger woman who's oblivious to my dark past. Vivian Swann is the rising sun after a long cold winter and I'm the type of guy her grandmother warned her to stay away from. These days, I save lives--a sinner dressed as a paramedic. When the truth unravels, will love turn into hate?

Grab a copy here:


What a week! Not that I want to complain, BUT, I'm fed up with having zero taste & smell. Yup, you read that right. #covidkilledmytastebuds. Like obliterated them with a fire-blower.

For the past five months I've been living without my favourite Chanel perfume, the drooling taste of pizza, the fresh scent of bedlinen and, most importantly, the stinky but cute waft of my pups.

So tell me, do you know anyone who is dealing with this right now? Have you any tricks up your sleeve to coax my taste buds back from the dead?

All that aside, it hasn't stopped me from writing allllll the words. More about that particular angsty romance trilogy soon! I've found the BEST LOOKING cover model for the covers. 😉

Anyway, moving swiftly on… I have another song for you from my Call Out playlist. Don't forget the cover reveal is next week. I'm so feckin' excited for you to see it.


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