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Reading Order

I recommend reading the titles in the order outlined below, as this will provide you with a deeper understanding of the characters and their stories. However, each trilogy, series, and duet can be read on their own, so feel free to dive in and start reading wherever you please. For the best possible experience, I recommend following the guide.

Organized Crime / Mafia Dark Romance

Vengeful Captor (Hostile Kingdom: Jungle Oasis #1)
Vengeful Obsession (Hostile Kingdom: Jungle Oasis #2)
Vengeful Lover (Hostile Kingdom: Jungle Oasis #3)
Hostile Heir (Hostile Kingdom: Souza Cartel Duet #1)
Hostile King (Hostile Kingdom: Souza Cartel Duet #2)
Hostile Vows (Hostile Kingdom: Souza Cartel Duet #1)
Hostile Bond (Hostile Kingdom: Souza Cartel Duet #2)

Irish Secret Society, Billionaire Dark Romance

Vow of Revenge (Vow Duet #1)
Vow To Protect (Vow Duet #1)

Northern Irish Alpha Romance Grey Romance

His to Steal (Unforgettable #1)
His to Keep (Unforgettable #2)
His Addiction (Unforgettable #3)
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