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My twin treats her like a kid sister… so it would be wrong to claim her virtue and keep her all to myself. 


As one of the four powerful Souza brothers, I was raised to be a ruthless hitman, the guy they call upon when our enemies need brought into line. 

After withstanding years of torment from a paranoid father, a psychopath who ruled our family the same way he did his Colombian cartel organization, I decided to live in the shadows where my dark soul prowls. 


Now, I’m tasked with taking care of the sweet teenager my brother helped to raise. A girl on the cusp of adulthood, who I have no right to watch like I do.


But she’s stepped into my world. My home. And learned all of my secrets. 


And now she’s of age, my need to claim her innocence drives me over the edge. 

I could let her leave. 

Send her back to my brother. 

Stop letting her tease me. 


I should do all of those things, except she belongs to me now.

No matter who tries to come for her. 


Hostile Secret is part one of Giovanni's story.

Hostile Secret: Signed Paperback

  • No refund after a book has been personalised. 

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