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He's my devil. My forever.

I've grown up around the Souza cartel, never fully realizing the brothers would never let me go. That the powerful gangsters around me would protect me at all costs. And it just so happens that two of those lethal men look alike. One of them is like a brother to me. The other…I can't get enough of.


However, Giovanni Souza is not the man everyone thinks he is. Hidden beneath the ruthless hitman's cold exterior is a heart that beats for me—for love.


Unfortunately, being with him has exposed his dark world. Left us open to attack. Weakened our defences. 


I started a war. Not only is Giovanni's twin out for blood, our enemies have closed in on us. Nothing will be the same for us ever again.


Despite being a female in a mans world, I'm no damsel in distress. And when the time comes, I'll prove myself to be my devil's capable queen.


Hostile Devil is the conclusion to Giovanni's story.

Hostile Devil: Signed Paperback

  • No refund after a book has been personalised. 

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