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He's my ruthless husband. But this isn’t a fairy tale marriage. 


After two decades my ex best friend turned up out of the blue to save me. In an unexpected twist of fate, the cartel leader forced me to marry him—and I fell in love. 


However, in the criminal underworld love is death and the feelings I have for my dangerous husband won’t matter when the secret I’ve being hiding for years finally comes out. 


I’m one impossible decision away from becoming his enemy. And the second I run from him; he’ll never forgive me.


If I sell my soul to the devil to fulfil a vendetta, I’d start a war with his family, the Irish mafia, who’d ensure I never leave their territory alive.


Unless André Souza refuses to ignore our powerful bond and decides I’m worth protecting from his formidable relatives once vengeance is mine.


Hostile Bond is the conclusion to André’s story.

Hostile Bond: Signed Paperback

  • No refund after a book has been personalised. 

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