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Character Inspo: FEVER

Raise your hands if you're excited to read Iris & Dante's story?

OMG I'm totally ready for FEVER to hit up your device.

Early readers have called Fever, 'emotionally stirring and unique'.

So how about a sneak peak into my character inspiration for this couple…

Okay, stick with me here, the quality of these images isn't great. You know I pinched them from Pinterest, right? Before I found my gorgeous cover model for the Jungle Oasis Trilogy, this is how I envisaged Dante. Add a little more muscle and leather gloves, then BOOM, this is the man hiding in the jungle and watching over his enemies.

Meet Dante (known as el Fantasma), the tortured hero with destruction on his mind.

I'm guessing you know Dante is Brazilian? If you've read the chapter reveal, you'll know my fiery Scottish ecologist took a trip to the Amazon rainforest and discovered something so complex and overwhelming that her whole life changed.

Meet Iris Kitson, the billionaire's new obsession.

Are you ready to sink into the Jungle Oasis Trilogy?

Start here:

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