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Call Out is LIVE!

Happy release day to Danny & Viv from Call Out! Their steamy love story is finally in the world for you to enjoy.

When I started writing this book, the aim was suspense and then Vivian Swann came to life with her quirky innocence and lists. By the end, there were moments of laughter, flirty banter, tragedy and fear.

Not only does Call Out address the real life struggles of two people getting to know each other, it also touches on grief and trust.

“Love doesn’t care for being careful. It just happens.”

She's cautious, yet desperately seeking her 'swan'. And he's the new EMT in Sunnyville who is everything her grandmother warned her about. Not only does he drive a motorcycle but he's tall, dark-haired, ruggedly handsome and mysterious.

I've imprinted a piece of myself in these two characters... and I think my readers will see that! Look at this gorgeous edit from @katlovesbooks on instagram.

"This book was gripping and exciting, hilarious, and hot. You get all the feels reading this one, and no disappointment!"

"Call Out is a must if you love age-gap, suspense romance and riding a rollercoaster of emotions."

"This book is a romantic suspense and I was not prepared for how good this book was."

"Quirky, funny heroine falls unexpectedly for a motorcycle riding EMT who is everything her Nonna warned her against. She can’t fight the attraction even though she tries. The struggle is real, but so is this hunk. Well, he is until his ex shows up..."

Thanks to my street team for spreading the love and to my advanced readers for taking a chance on Call Out!


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