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Miles from Home

Did you know these contemporary romance books all have Irish female characters who find love exists far from home? 

This collection of light-hearted, steamy and humorous books are all complete standalones with no cliffhangers. 

The Photo

Miles From Home

A shy Irish student, her unattainable Canadian celebrity crush, and their romantic collision course destined to survive across oceans. 

I never expected my obsession with the gorgeous Noah Adams would lead to an epic whoopsie message, or that I'd face plant his shoulder WWE style during a whirlwind college trip. 

The Photo .jpg

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The Chance

Miles From Home

An undercover Irish millionaire herding cattle, his chance encounter with a Northern Irish city girl, and their whirlwind romance that questions if fated love exists. 

I never expected to navigate a muddy lane in heels or stumble upon a hot farm hand with dishevelled hair and a roguish smile. I'm into city suits and shaved faces. Not a jawline of scruff and mucky boots. Although, the more I stare at his muscular arms and handsome face, I get the impression he'd be more than divine under his dirty overalls. 

The Chance.jpg

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The Right Guy

Miles From Home

He’s my best friend. My boss. And the one guy I’ll never be allowed to settle down with. I'm miles from Ireland and on the hunt for the right guy.

Theo is everything I could ever want. Except, he’s a bar manager and I’m a super rich student pretending to be normal. He’s a little rough around the edges, loves fast motorcycles and even faster women. And I’m infatuated with my roomies big brother. The hot jock. The coolest guy on campus and the heir to a fortune. On paper Cicero Huxley is my ideal match. In my heart, Theo is my soul mate.

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