Jungle Oasis

Enter the Hostile Kingdom World with this captive,
enemies-to-lovers dark romantic suspense 
set in the Amazon jungle.

To best enjoy the trilogy it is advised to read each book in order.


Hostile Kingdom: Jungle Oasis Book One

A cold-hearted billionaire hiding out in the jungle finds a scientist lost in the wild. She’s a threat to his kingdom, and a new obsession.

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Hostile Kingdom: Jungle Oasis Book Two 

He's the ruthless king of the jungle fighting against a compulsive attraction to his new enemy. She’s a prisoner falling for her dangerous jailer, and the only one who can get close enough to eventually shatter his trust.

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Hostile Kingdom: Jungle Oasis Book Three 

When a billionaire with a possessive streak falls in love, he loses everything. But surviving isn’t the only fight––he has to save Iris from the real enemy.  

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Hostile Kingdom: Jungle Oasis

The Complete Trilogy

Jungle Oasis is a hot and explosive captive trilogy. It's an enemies-to-lovers dark romance that follows one couple through a passionate, love-hate, heart-pounding journey with a guaranteed HEA in the final book. 

This steamy, dangerous suspense trilogy is set in the Amazon jungle. Dante can't escape the Brazilian underworld of organized crime because he's got vengeance on his mind. Start reading this edge-of-the-seat adventure!