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Hostile Kingdom: Jungle Oasis Book One

A cold-hearted cartel criminal hiding out in the jungle finds a scientist lost in the wild. She’s a threat to his kingdom, and a new obsession.

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Hostile Kingdom: Jungle Oasis Book Two 

He's the ruthless king of the jungle fighting against a compulsive attraction to his new enemy. She’s a prisoner falling for her dangerous jailer, and the only one who can get close enough to eventually shatter his trust.

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Hostile Kingdom: Jungle Oasis Book Three 

When a billionaire with a possessive streak falls in love, he loses everything. But surviving isn’t the only fight––he has to save Iris from the real enemy.  

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Hostile Kingdom: Jungle Oasis

The Complete Trilogy

Jungle Oasis is a hot and explosive captive trilogy. It's an enemies-to-lovers dark romance that follows one couple through a passionate, love-hate, heart-pounding journey with a guaranteed HEA in the final book. 

This steamy, dangerous suspense trilogy is set in the Amazon jungle. Dante can't escape the Brazilian underworld of organized crime because he's got vengeance on his mind. Start reading this edge-of-the-seat adventure!  

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Hostile Kingdom: Souza Cartel Prequel

He’s the devil’s son. And I’ve landed in his criminal underworld with no one to save me. 


I was kidnapped, imprisoned and transported to a cartel kingpin as a gift. Now, days later, I’m in a secluded mansion, lined up before the devil himself and accused of being an assassin. He’s given me twenty-four hours to prove my innocence or become a predators next meal. 


There's only one man who might save me, except he's the devils heir, and the one to set a deadly challenge. But it’s not only death I have to avoid, it’s our fiery attraction.


When the time comes to obey his father, I know he won’t think twice. No matter what happens, a bullet is waiting.

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Hostile kingdom: Souza Cartel 

Once upon a time he set me free. This time it won't be that simple.


I can't stop wondering why the cartel heir with mafia blood in his cold veins saved me all those weeks ago. The virginal misfit who was kidnapped and gifted to a villainous kingpin. 


But he did. 


And I was wrong to think he was my hero. 


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Hostile Kingdom: Souza Cartel 

He’s my monster. My king.


I agreed to his indecent proposal and now I’m caught up with the powerful Souza cartel family. After years of being a misfit, I’ve finally found myself in the newly crowned kingpin. Except our arrangement has an expiration date and his heart-wrenching secret will force us apart. That’s if Tomás Souza refuses to give me up and chooses a war instead…

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Hostile Kingdom: Souza Cartel Duet One

Looking for more dark mafia & cartel romance with a forced marriage, childhood friends to lovers theme?


In the next book, Hostile Vows, André is reunited with the one girl he’s never forgotten. If you thought Tomás and Carina’s story was hot, it’s nothing compared to the heat in Hostile Vows.

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Hostile Kingdom: Souza Cartel Duet Two

Coming soon!

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