Vow of Revenge

A Dark Romantic Suspense

"Unpredictable, dark secrets and even more shocking revelations wrapped up in a dark romance that will have you blowing off plans just to read all about the beauty that awoken the cold hearted man-ster." -- 5 star review

I hate her, even though I want her. 


I love the sound of a broken heart. 

So gratifying. So redeeming. 

Women are the enemy. Weak and easy to manipulate. If you were a witness to an unforgivable crime, you would seek justice too. 

Then I met Freya Beaumont with her curious innocence that holds the ability to unsurface forgotten memories I’ve buried deep within me. 

The familiar woman has the power to question everything I believe to be true. To unravel the sinister secrets of my past. 

I can’t stay away. 

Now I have a choice––to step into the light or remain shadowed in lies. 

After years of wicked games, hate is all I know. But when the truth finally comes out, she’ll hate me too. 


You’ll love this dark romance because everyone deserves to be loved.

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