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A shy Irish student, her unattainable Canadian celebrity crush, and their romantic collision course destined to survive across oceans. 



I never expected my obsession with the gorgeous Noah Adams would lead to an epic whoopsie message, or that I'd face plant his shoulder WWE style during a whirlwind college trip. 


Noah is the ultimate male model with a panty-melting smile and hard earned golden abs. He makes me go fuzzy inside just looking at his social media selfies. And believe me, I look. Every single day. I zoom in on every drool-worthy photo, wishing he was mine.


But in the flesh... in real life. Standing there with a stunned look on his handsome face. My cheeks blaze an unflattering shade of beetroot and I bolt back to the photography convention. The real reason I'm in Canada. Not for him. For my own career.


Now he thinks I'm a stalker. 


What celebrity wouldn't think about a retraining order when an Irish girl accidentally bumps into the same guy she randomly texted a few days before... but he texted me back, so it's not technically unwanted attention, right?


I'm guessing he's not conversing with his lawyer when Noah shows up at my hotel, and a sizzling kiss leads to THE BEST NIGHT OF LIFE. 


But we don't live in the same country. I only flew to Ontario to show off my work. And now he's talking about long distance video calls. Clothes optional. Can dreams really come true?


Back in Ireland, I wake up from the fantasy when the unthinkable happens. Now I've no way to contact him. Worst of all, after everything that just happened, he's ghosting me. 


If only I could tell him the truth... 

This romantic comedy is a standalone steamy romance within the Miles from Home Collection.