A Complete Romantic Suspense Collection

Three wickedly hot books in one deliciously addictive series.

If you love steamy romantic suspense with secrets, unexpected twists and plenty of swoony romance, then find out why readers worldwide have fallen hard for the McGrath brothers. 


An Amazon number one bestselling series.


His to Steal (The Unforgettable Series #1) 

This wasn't supposed to happen...

...for Marcus business is priority.

Whiskey soothes the demons, women come and go. 

It’s his club. His rules. He’s in control.

But rules are made to be broken.

The sweet and sexy Lana is all innocence and big blue eyes. 

He’s no fool. 

Until one forbidden taste of her sinful lips makes him crave more.

He must forget the heat of her skin and those sweet sexy moans that startled his heartbeat.

Lana wasn't prepared for the club...

...or the owner. 

After sealing her fate strangers, she stumbles upon the powerful and perfect Marcus. She'll never forget that name, or their kiss. 

Will she survive the consequences?


His to Keep (The Unforgettable Series #2)

Marcus thought about keeping her...

...until she ran back to her ex. 

Lana returns to Belfast with one intention - to help Rory figure out what happened. There’s just one problem. Something no one expected. 

Yellow roses...

The black dress she wore to the club…

Danger is waiting. Her life will never be the same. 

Marcus can be her hero, for now. Because life isn't that simple and happily ever afters don't exist. No amount of whiskey will drown out his bad decision. 

He wants her back.

She's his to keep. 

He’ll do whatever it takes to win her back, even if it puts his life at risk.


His Addiction (The Unforgettable Series #3)

This is a first.

He's never been rejected… a beautiful woman, until now.

Woman always fall for Jamie's killer dimple and breath-taking smile. It's always been that way. The billionaire works hard and plays even harder.

Secrets are hidden behind the strangers eyes. Her body language begs him to come closer, yet that tasty little mouth of hers warns him off. 

Crushing events keep Shannon guarded and uncertain. There's no doubting the angsty attraction. A tailored suit fits his height and form impeccably and those eyes…

She wants to give him a chance but evil hides in the shadows... waiting.

Jamie is confident Shannon won't be able to resist his charm for long. When he finally uncovers the truth, there are devastating consequences for them both.

Can love find its way through the heartbreak?

You'll love this suspenseful romance because even an alpha male deserves love.

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