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A new adult college romance

She has an epic crush... on the wrong guy. 


Ada has to marry a wealthy man but she wants mad love and belly flutters. Her roomies big brother, Cicero, is rich and fits the bill for a Daddy approved husband. The crush on him grows every time he swings by the dorm, turning butterflies into flutters. Problem is, he’s dating someone else. 


Ada’s best friend, Theo, is a simple guy. A talented man who manages the student bar, and also happens to be her boss. He’s the all American guy every girl dreams of. Super hot, muscular and rides a motorcycle. But they’re friends and nothing more. 


A VIP pool party changes everything. Ada wakes up the next morning with a guilty conscience.  


Who did she kiss?


And why is Theo leaving town?


Download The Right Guy now to see Ada get her HEA.

A New Adult, College Romance with a twist on the princess & the pea.

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