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My True Heart Series, #1

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A hard working Texan rancher meets a spoilt Irish party girl in this opposites attract, first love romance. 


He’s my boss. 


That’s all Hayden Taylor can ever be. The dark-haired rancher also happens to be a hot cowboy from a small town in Texas. The far away place my mother has banished me to. 


I doubt she expected my employer to pack out Levi’s front and back or have a mind scrambling smile that makes me blush all over. And that’s not because my skin is used to colder climates and high price tag cosmetics. It’s him. All six foot muscular man with a Stetson on top. 


He’s the real deal. 


Nothing like the guys back home in Ireland.


There’s no denying it, I have a major crush on him. And he’s pretending he’s not interested. But I’ve caught him staring. Especially when I show up at the local bar in a yellow fitted dress. Then I see a whole different possessive side to him.


Even though Hayden was warned off by my kooky Papa Sawyer and a shotgun, we finally kiss. Right then, I learn a life lesson—what makes cowboys so damn unforgettable. 


Once he gives in to our fierce attraction, there’s no stopping us. It’s the first time I’ve ever had a genuine connection. A purpose. A sense of belonging.


But I’m only in Heartville for a few months. Every date held in his brawny arms brings us closer to the day I fly home to my parents. To a life I thought was fun. Soulless parties and false friendships. 


The gorgeous rancher roped my heart from the very beginning, and now he’s releasing the knot... but what if I’m not ready to leave America?


My True Heart Series, #2


Clay Walker doesn’t have time to date. One-night stands are perfectly fine to get him by, but something’s missing. His day-to-day schedule is tighter than his jeans, and he doesn’t see anyway out of the rat race.

Romi Caldwell was born to carry on the legacy of her father’s family business. That’s the last thing she wants to do, and she’ll go to extreme lengths just so she won’t have to.

One paint soaked pooch, a sexy as hell cowboy, and a plan is set in motion. Romi needs a date, and Dr. Wrangler needs a break from reality.

Fake relationship, or could it be something real? One-click to find out what’s happening in Heartville, Texas.

Can be read as a standalone. No cliffhangers.

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My True Heart Series, #3