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An undercover Irish millionaire herding cattle, his chance encounter with a Northern Irish city girl, and their whirlwind romance that questions if fated love exists. 


I never expected to navigate a muddy lane in heels or stumble upon a hot farm hand with dishevelled hair and a roguish smile. I'm into city suits and shaved faces. Not a jawline of scruff and mucky boots. Although, the more I stare at his muscular arms and handsome face, I get the impression he'd be more than divine under his dirty overalls. 


It's a shame I have a date tonight. And unfortunate that I can't get Sebastian Cooper out of my head through the entire dinner. 


Then, a few days later my eyes lock on him in a Belfast bar. A breathtaking updated version. A filthy farm worker turned slick city businessman. This time, his mighty fine physique is hugged by a crisp shirt that's tucked into jeans. Long messy lengths are snipped short and he’s wearing cologne. The sort of manly clean scent that makes your belly flip. 


Our one night stand in a hotel room escalates to hay barn fantasies. Who wouldn't get involved with a brawny rancher?


It turns out Sebastian isn’t the guy I thought he was after all. He’s a millionaire entrepreneur who was only helping his sister on the family farm. The guy doesn’t even live here. And he’s going back to Dublin any day now.


Our whirlwind romance is coming to an end. I’d give anything for him to step back into his dirty boots and lead me astray on the hay bails. I can’t just drop my life in the north of Ireland to run after a guy... even if I’ve fallen for him.


Enjoy this small town, fun romance with a dash of quirkiness.