His to Steal

Marcus & Lana's story: The Unforgettable Series  Book One
#1 Bestselling Erotic Thriller & Erotic Mysteries Romance
"It's the first book in the UNFORGETTABLE series, and it is HOT!!!"

Set in the thriving city of Belfast, the ever so charming and powerful Marcus McGrath opens his elite underground club for couples in one of his many hotels. Business is his priority, that and his family. 

He’s an Irish money spinning multi-millionaire who happily plays with a long string of women, drinks plenty of whiskey and mixes confidence with a blasé attitude to relationships. Marcus McGrath is emotionally untouchable.

Lana Craig loves her long time boyfriend Rory, even when he secures them a high price tag membership to a secret partner swapping club known as Verto Veneri. She puts on a happy face and agrees to shake up her relationship to sexy time status... until she steps inside Verto Veneri and events take a turn for the unexpected.

It doesn’t take long for Marcus to come face to face with the enchanting Lana who breaks all the rules. Their hot and sexy encounter dominates his every thought. 

Marcus wants what he can’t have. 

Lana is torn between loyalty and lust. 

She picks her love rat boyfriend over her unforgettable fantasy man... until lies, deceit and murder brings all their lives to heart stopping stand still. 

**This book ends on a cliffhanger so make sure you have book two ready!**