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His to Keep

Marcus & Lana's story: The Unforgettable Series Book Two
Book two of the International Bestselling Unforgettable Series

His to Keep completes the tumultuous and steamy story of Marcus and Lana, so make sure you've read His to Steal before diving into Veritas.


Lana had broken her promise to Marcus.


She left the safety of Fermanagh and walked straight into danger.


Her Saviour rescues her from the hands of a murderer.


Her Captor imprisons her heart.


Her Liberator lets her go.


Danger, revenge and second chances collide in this addictive story.  Lana  has to learn to survive in the aftermath. She takes a trip with her new best friend Freddy, to an Italian villa set amidst the Amalfi coastline and unexpectedly trips into the arms of a sexy Italian stranger, Emilio Falcone. He's a dominating billionaire with an eye for the ladies who tries to help Lana forget about her broken heart.


Will her Saviour, Captor, Liberator come to his senses, or will someone else die?